mindset 1:

minimize toxins

This mindset begins with knowing what toxins are and where you find them.

Toxins are things like pesticides, air pollution, Teflon, artificial sweetener, plastics, harmful chemicals in food and personal care products.

With this mindset you also recognize the 4 ways these toxins enter your body – through what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, and what you put on or absorb through your skin.

And finally, you learn how to make healthier, less-toxic choices in these 4 areas.


 Physical toxins are things like:
  • pesticides
  • artificial sweetener
  • air pollution
  • heavy metals
  • plastics
  • many more…



4 ways we are exposed to toxins:
  • what we eat
  • what we drink
  • what we breathe
  • what we absorb through our skin



tips for Prioritizing your plan of attack:
  • Understand what toxins are and decide on which ones you need to get rid of first
  • Toxins LOVE fat: clean up high-fat foods if possible
  • Begin with reducing your biggest daily or weekly exposures first
  • Read ingredient labels!
  • Make healthier choices by buying less toxic alternatives
  • Just work on a few things at a time!

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